Movie Review: Is Inside Out 2 Worth Your Time and Money? Absolutely!

Get ready, kids, because Pixar has done it again with their latest masterpiece, Inside Out 2! This film is all about “growing up” in an emotional way, showing us just how tricky and exciting it can be inside our thoughts. With our favourite emotions Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust back for another adventure, plus some new friends like Embarrassment, Ennui (boredom), Envy, and Anxiety, this is definitely one of the best Pixar movies to date.

The story kicks off with Riley gearing up to start high school and, more importantly, preparing to join the prestigious FogHorn Hockey team. As Riley navigates her hopes of making the team, she faces many challenges that make her emotions go haywire. Her friendship is tested, her confidence wavers and the pressure seems almost too much to bear. But as the story unfolds, everything starts to fall into place, showing us the emotional highs and lows of adolescence.

Riley gets invited to a summer hockey trial by her local coach, which stirs up even more emotions. She feels anxious about separating from her close friends, who will be attending different schools. This anxiety, along with new feelings like Envy and Embarrassment, makes things even more complicated. Riley meets Valentina “Val” Ortiz, the captain of the high school hockey team, and Anxiety starts to take over, pushing the older emotions into the Vault where old memories are kept. This leads to Riley losing confidence and struggling to maintain her friendships while trying to fit in with her new peers.

But don’t worry! Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust embark on a mission to help Riley rediscover her true self. The film’s visual elements are simply amazing, creating a mental model of the brain that’s both imaginative and realistic. Watching Inside Out 2 feels like an emotional rollercoaster, conveying the ups and downs of growing up. The story is beautifully written and executed perfectly, making us feel everything from sadness and fear to excitement and joy alongside Riley.

The introduction of new characters is a real highlight. Each new emotion is relatable and likable in their own unique way. You can truly understand the motivations behind each character, making them all the more engaging.

Inside Out 2 reminds us that growing up can be tough. Overthinking, making decisions, and facing worries and anxieties are all part of life, but the movie reassures us that these challenges will pass. It captures the essence of growing up, making us laugh, cry, and reflect on the importance of understanding and accepting all parts of ourselves. The animation is top-notch, the pacing is spot-on, and the musical score is excellent. The story is heartfelt and beautifully told, and the voice cast delivers incredible performances. Maya Hawke as Anxiety and Ayo Edebiri as Envy are particularly outstanding.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll fall in love with this movie. Inside Out 2 is an emotional journey from start to finish, and it’s a must-watch for kids and adults alike. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure inside Riley’s mind!

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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