Little Miss Model Of The Year At Sydney’s Best Dressed 2024: Glamour and Grace at Sir Stamford Plaza

Photo Credit: Henry Pham

Sydney’s Best Dressed 2024 event dazzled guests and participants alike last Sunday evening at the esteemed Sir Stamford Plaza in Mascot, marking a milestone with its inaugural Little Miss Model Of The Year Competition 2024. The affair showcased the charm and talent of eight delightful young contestants: Kataleya, Paisley, Arabella, Jessica, Mikayla, Eisha, Layla, and Zara. These budding stars captivated the audience as they competed across three distinct categories: “Goddess” themed costume, Resort Wear, and Hollywood Glam.

The competition’s focus on elegance and style was evident from the outset, with each participant bringing their unique flair to the runway. Arabella stole hearts with her interpretation of the “Goddess” theme, exuding grace and sophistication that earned her the title of Best in Theme Costume. Katelya turned heads in Resort Wear, showcasing effortless charm and poise, clinching the Best in Resort Wear accolade. Layla illuminated the stage in Hollywood Glam attire, embodying glamour and allure, securing the Best in Hollywood Glam title.

Adding an interactive element to the event, the People’s Choice Award was bestowed upon Paisley, resonating deeply with the audience’s appreciation for her charm and charisma. Zara, recognized for her promising talent and potential, was honoured with the Rising Star Award, a testament to her burgeoning presence in the fashion world.

The pinnacle of the evening, the crowning moments, saw Mikayla named Sapphire Model Of The Year, celebrated for her exceptional presence and versatility on the runway. Paisley shone brightly as Emerald Model Of The Year, embodying elegance and charm throughout the competition. Arabella’s outstanding performance earned her the coveted Ruby Model Of The Year title, a testament to her standout achievements and future promise.

In the race for the top spots, Zara claimed the 4th runner-up position, while Layla secured 3rd runner-up, both demonstrating remarkable talent and style. Jessica’s poised presence earned her the 2nd runner-up position, with Eisha captivating judges to secure 1st runner-up.

The crowning glory of the event, however, belonged to Katelya, who was awarded the prestigious title of Little Miss Model of The Year 2024. Judged by esteemed industry figures including Sue Turner, CEO of Global Elite Media Group, Miss Earth Australia 2023 Helen Latukefu, and Isabella Mia Micucci, Queen of International Tourism Australia 2024, Katelya’s triumph marked a significant moment in her young career, promising a future bright with possibilities in the world of fashion and modelling.

Sydney’s Best Dressed 2024 and the inaugural Little Miss Model Of The Year Competition 2024 not only celebrated style and talent but also provided a platform for young talents to shine, setting a benchmark for future generations in the world of fashion and beauty. Check out some photos below courtesy of Henry Pham.

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