Get Ready for a Paw-some Adventure with “200% Wolf”!

Hey there, young adventurers! Get ready to unleash your imagination because StudioCanal is thrilled to announce the arrival of the official trailer for “200% Wolf” – the sequel to the wildly popular animated film “100% Wolf”!

Join Freddy Lupin, the tiny pink poodle with big dreams, as he embarks on his most epic adventure yet. In “200% Wolf,” Freddy is determined to prove himself as a leader to his werewolf pack. But when a magical mishap turns him into a real werewolf and brings a mischievous moon spirit into his world, Freddy must embark on a quest to save the day!

With his loyal dog pals by his side, Freddy sets off on a whirlwind adventure filled with danger, magic, and plenty of laughs. Can Freddy restore cosmic order before it’s too late? Find out when “200% Wolf” hits cinemas on August 8th!

Featuring a talented cast of characters and brought to life by the creative minds at StudioCanal, “200% Wolf” promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience for kids of all ages.

Don’t miss out on the fun – mark your calendars and get ready to howl with delight when “200% Wolf” arrives in theaters!