Must-See Event Next Month: Global Elite Fashion Festival 2022

What: The first-ever GEFF (Global Elite Fashion Festival) is set to hit Sydney on Saturday, October 22, and we can’t be more excited!

Global Elite Fashion Festival is a platform pioneered by Global Elite Media Group and GEQ Magazine in collaboration with StarCentral Magazine, Flagcom group and Millionaires Alliance. It provides a sustainable platform for international and emerging designers that effectively engage with Australia’s diverse communities and presents an opportunity for designers to showcase their uniqueness and cultural nuances.

There will be three incredible events on October 22; The Australian Golden Sash Awards – the Oscars of beauty pageants will be happening first at 4 pm, followed by the Global Elite Fashion Festival then lastly, Global Elite International Awards.

When: Saturday, October 22. (Program starts 4 pm for the Australian Golden Sash Awards)

Where: Sir Stamford Plaza Grand Ballroom (241 O’Riordan St, Mascot NSW 2020)

Tickets: Please contact Sue Turner – 0402 281 721 or click on this link: GEFF 2022

A New Trailer From Disney’s Live-Action “Pinocchio” Is Finally Here

The new trailer, key art and stills from Disney’s live-action “Pinocchio,” premiering on Disney+ Day September 8, are available now. The film stars Tom Hanks, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Keegan-Michael Key, Lorraine Bracco, with Cynthia Erivo and Luke Evans. Academy Award® winner Robert Zemeckis directs this live action retelling of the beloved tale of a wooden puppet who embarks on a thrilling adventure to become a real boy. Tom Hanks stars as Geppetto, the wood carver who builds and treats Pinocchio (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) as if he were his own son. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Jiminy Cricket, who serves as Pinocchio’s guide as well as his “conscience”; Academy Award® nominee Cynthia Erivo is the Blue Fairy; Keegan-Michael Key is “Honest” John; Academy Award® nominee Lorraine Bracco is Sofia the Seagull, a new character, and Luke Evans is The Coachman. Also in the cast are Kyanne Lamaya as Fabiana and Jaquita Ta’Le as her marionette Sabina, Giuseppe Battiston as Stromboli and Lewin Lloyd as Lampwick.In addition to beloved songs from the original animated classic, including “When You Wish Upon a Star” performed by Cynthia Erivo, the film features new original songs composed by Academy Award® nominees Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard (“The Polar Express”). The soundtrack from Walt Disney Records will be available on Sept. 8 and is available for Pre-Save/Pre-Add screenplay for “Pinocchio” is by Robert Zemeckis & Chris Weitz. Andrew Miano, Chris Weitz, Robert Zemeckis and Derek Hogue are the film’s producers, with Jack Rapke, Jacqueline Levine, Jeremy Johns and Paul Weitz the film’s executive producers.

Spider-Man Star Announces Social Media Break Citing Mental Health Reasons

It’s great to see that we are at a stage where celebrities don’t have to be ashamed of having mental/emotional issues.

Tom Holland recently revealed on his Instagram account why he’s been absent from social media.

“Hello and goodbye… I have been taking a break from social media for my mental health,” Holland revealed via his caption on his three-minute video. He also revealed that his return to Instagram was to help promote the Stem4 charity, a mental health organization he helps support through his The Brothers Trust.

Holland then goes on to explain in his video that he decided to take a break from Instagram and Twitter because he finds them to be “over-stimulating” and “overwhelming.”

He explained, “I get caught up, and I spiral when I read things about me online. And ultimately, it’s very detrimental to my mental state, so I decided to take a step back and delete the app.”

Holland thanked Stem4 for helping him with his mental health issues and hopes to see more young people speak up regarding their own mental health struggles.

He explained that four free apps are available through Stem4, including ones to help young people manage self-harm urges, symptoms of anxiety and increase motivation and low moods. There’s also another one to help family and friends support a young person’s mental health journey.

He further explained that he fully supports Stem4 because “there is an awful stigma against mental health, and I know asking for help and seeking help isn’t something that we should be ashamed of, but it is something that is much easier said than done.”


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If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or has had thoughts of harming themselves or taking their own life, get help. Please reach out for help via Lifeline: 13 11 14 or

Editorial credit: Tinseltown /

Get To Know The Breakout Star of Netflix’s 13: The Musical: Frankie McNellis

Photographed by: Jules Kaye I Hair by: Mika I Styled by: Adeel Khan

16-year-old Filipina singer, dancer, and actress Frankie McNellis is the breakout STAR of Netflix’s upcoming musical feature film 13: THE MUSICAL, which was released globally on August 12, 2022, in over 190 countries to 220 MILLION subscribers. Starring opposite Emmy Award-winning actresses Debra Messing and Rhea Perlman, as well as Josh Peck of “Drake & Josh” fame, the film is the screen adaptation of the groundbreaking Broadway musical 13, which was Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies (“Victorious”) big debut.

13: THE MUSICAL centers on ‘Evan Goldman’ (Eli Golden), who, after his parent’s divorce, moves from NYC to small-town Indiana and must master the complex social circles of his new school and win friends by turning his Bar Mitzvah into the coolest party of the year. McNellis plays ‘Lucy’, a popular and mischievous cheerleader who has a crush on the boy that her best friend ‘Kendra’ also likes. She plots an elaborate scheme to prevent them from kissing, roping in an unwitting ‘Evan’. The role, which originally starred Elizabeth Gillies on Broadway, also features one of the film’s most elaborate and impressive musical numbers (“Opportunity”), with Frankie leading the song and dance routine.

The breakthrough role comes at the heels of another momentous starring role for McNellis, who booked the job while filming the Sony Pictures and Build-A-Bear Entertainment film HONEY GIRLS, now streaming on Netflix. In the film, mega pop star ‘Fancy G’ (Ashanti) hosts a contest to find the next big solo artist. But the young contestants’ Alex’ (McNellis), ‘Charlie’ (Ava Grace), and ‘Maya’ (Aliyah Mastin) realize they are “better together” and secretly form a band called Honey Girls which become a huge hit cloaked in mystery.

Born in Gilbert, Arizona, McNellis, half Filipino and half English/Scottish, has been singing since she was born and began taking dancing classes and vocal and piano lessons at age 5. At about nine years old, she auditioned for ARIZONA’S GOT TALENT, where she was a finalist and met her manager. Soon after, she booked her first job and made a move to Los Angeles at the age of 11 to pursue her dreams of working in entertainment. In 2019, she joined the famed Pentatonix-formed kid’s acapella group AcaPops! KIDS, whose videos have over 6 MILLIONS of views on YouTube. In her free time, McNellis enjoys writing her own music and dancing at Millennium Dance studio, where hip hop and jazz funk are her favorite dance styles. She plays the guitar, piano, drums, and base and aspires to be a global pop star.

StarCentral Magazine recently caught up with Frankie to discuss her journey in the industry, and here’s what went down:

Can you tell us more about yourself? How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

I have been training in music and dance since the age of 5. My dad is a musician, so I got my musical genes from him! When I was 8, I competed in a talent competition where I met my manager, Mattie from Mattie Management. She sent me my first audition, and the rest is history.

What do you like most about acting?

I love being able to transform into a completely different person. I get to break out of my shell and do things that I wouldn’t typically do in my everyday life. I also love being on camera.

Can you tell us about your role in 13: The Musical?

I play the popular mean girl Lucy Hallman in the film. Lucy is a popular cheerleader that is determined to kiss her best friend’s boyfriend. Although she makes horrible mistakes, she grows and becomes a better person.

What sort of person is going to relate to this character?

Anyone could find a unique way of relating to Lucy. She is a popular middle school girl who abuses the use of her popularity and threatens to ruin Evan Goldman’s life if he doesn’t do what she wants. She tends to think that she is always right, even though that might not always be the case.

How is this character like you? Different?

Lucy and I are both very determined girls. When we say we are going to do something, we truly mean it. I, however, would not stab my best friend in the back and make her cry on purpose.

Photographed by: Jules Kaye I Hair by: Mika I Styled by: Adeel Khan

Besides yourself, what celebrity would you like to see tackle this character?

I will always be a fan of Liz Gillies and how she played the role on Broadway back in 2008. She is iconic, and it would be cool to see her reprise the role.

Besides yourself, which actor/s in this musical is going to blow people away?

All of the kids are so insanely talented. I am so excited for everyone to get to know each and every character because we all bring different elements to the film. Gabriella Uhl, Lindsey Blackwell, JD McCrary, Eli Golden, Jonathan Lengel, Ramon Reed, and Nolen Dubuc are absolute stars in the film and the songs they all sing are definitely showstoppers.

What’s the biggest challenge to taking on this role?

The biggest challenge to taking on this role would probably be the amount of stamina needed to perform the song “Opportunity.” Lucy Hallman is a cheerleader, so singing live and dancing at 6 in the morning was fun but a lot of hard work.

If you could play any other character in this series, who would it be?

Fun fact! I was actually first asked to audition for the role of Kendra. It would’ve been very interesting to see me in that role, but Lindsey Blackwell was definitely made to play Kendra.

What has been the most memorable experience of your career so far?

Filming 13: The Musical is definitely the most memorable experience for me. Working on this project was so fun, and being in Canada for six months with my best friends was a dream.

Who have been the most interesting people you’ve met so far?

It was so cool meeting Jason Robert Brown. He is such an iconic Broadway legend, and working with him was the coolest thing ever. He is such a kind, talented, and genuinely funny person.

How active are you on social media?

I am always on my phone! I love posting on TikTok and Instagram. (NOTE: You can follow Frankie on Social Media via Instagram: @FrankieMcNellis and TikTok: @FrankieMcNellis)

What are your future plans? Inside your career or out of it.

I dream of being a successful popstar like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, etc. Although many little girls say that, I truly mean it, and I know it will happen one day!

Keifer Sanchez launches solo single with “Last Reply”

Keifer Sanchez is the latest TNT Boys member to launch a solo single with “Last Reply,” an emotional ballad about one’s struggles over the end of a long-distance relationship.

Now 17 years old, the first runner-up of “Tawag Ng Tanghalan Kids” exhibits his maturity not just through his voice but also in the theme of his new single, which he co-wrote with Debbie and Ferdie Mak, produced by Mak Entertainment Services, and released under Star Music.

Keifer said “Last Reply” highlights the significance of knowing when to let go. He said, “Once we make certain choices, we must learn to accept the outcomes that are associated with those choices, whether good or bad. And since those choices cannot be undone, we must learn to let them go in order to preserve our happiness.”

As a member of the TNT Boys, Keifer has performed with fellow members Mackie Empuerto and Francis Concepcion in many countries such as the US, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, and more. He has also guested in international TV shows like “Little Big Shots” in the UK, US, and Australia, “World’s Best,” and “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” where he even had the opportunity to sing with famous pop singer Ariana Grande.

Keifer is a high school student attending online classes at the Ateneo de Davao University. He plans to continue his studies abroad eventually.

Feel the heartache of saying goodbye by streaming Keifer’s “Last Reply” single on various digital music platforms and on ABS-CBN Star Music’s YouTube channel. For more details, like Star Music on Facebook ( and follow it on Twitter and Instagram (@StarMusicPH).

Miss Earth Australia 2022: Highlights from the Grand Launch and Fashion Show

If you think fashion is only for adults, think again! With kids’ fashion and children’s wear making waves worldwide, it’s now not unusual to see adorable kids successfully walking the ramp for their fave brands like seasoned models.

Thanks to social media, reality TV shows, mainstream media, and the rapid growth of international brands such as U.S. Polo, Adidas, Nike, and H&M – all of which sell kids’ wear brands; children today are more in tune of fashion trends than ever before.

And by debuting kids’ fashion in Hyatt, Regency, Stargazer Production, a fast-growing organisation dedicated to promoting young emerging talents, has once again gone to great lengths to put the spotlight on Stargazer models and winners and finalists from Miss Little, Junior, and Teen Earth Australia.

Check out the photos below to see highlights from the Miss Earth Australia 2022 Grand Launch and Fashion Show courtesy of Paul Vasquez.

Meet The Rising Star Behind The Latest Issue Of StarCentral Kids: The Amazing Winston Vengapally

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A scroll through Winston Vengapally’s Instagram says it all. This up-and-coming child actor has all the animation, life, and prowess of his mega-watt mother; serial entrepreneur and social media influencer, Meeta Vengapally.

The Vengapally family recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue the acting careers of Winston and Sitara, and as it turns out, they both hit the ground running in Hollywood.

Winston’s acting chops on the screen have been appearing up a lot lately. It all began with Pop Evil’s music video for “Be Legendary,” where Winston played the young version of the lead singer, Leigh Kakaty. The music video is riotous and inspiring, and Winston’s performance steals the show at several moments. Similar to his Instagram, the young actor proves that he has the nuance and skill to express himself with a presence that is very rare in child actors. This kind of inspired performance also appears on “Never Have I Ever,” a popular Netflix series where Winston had a guest-starring role.

The very charming Door Dash commercial, which continues to run on all the NBA and MLB finals games, ends with Winston jumping on his bed, excited for his order and exuding a state of young exuberance that is effortless and puts a smile on your face. His Go Daddy commercial is another lighthearted hit, and to put things into perspective; he booked this job with his sister, Sitara. Recently, he made his debut on the Dhar Mann series and has been asked to return for several more episodes since its debut.

So, when we say that the Vengapally kids hit the ground running in Hollywood, we mean it!

As with any child prodigy, success doesn’t come out of anywhere. Hard work and mentorship have brought him to where he is today. The 13-year-old is achieving things that many can only dream of, but practice and intention have kept him on the move and favored by casting directors in the City of Angels. He’s highly praised by the directors and producers he has worked with. In fact, a writer and producer for a hit series for whom Winston auditioned for said: “Winston is a natural; his comedy and improv abilities are more honed in than some of the seasoned celebrities we work with here .” Door Dash commercial director Clay Weiner along with casting directors Krisha Bullock and Jamie Snow ( Bullock & Snow Casting) have been key mentors for Winston, who have taught him the importance of acting; the fact that acting is an art, so he needs to keep working on his craft and pursuing his dreams (Bullock & Snow Casting is a well-respected team in the industry, focusing on children’s television shows and comedies). Other influential people who have taken Winston under their wings include Howard Meltzer, Joey Paul Jensen, AHC Casting, and Catherine Stroud. Being able to train with such a brilliant group of experts continues to shape Winston’s foundation as an actor.

Everyone is familiar with the famous actress Mindy Kaling of The Office, who happens to be the producer of Never Have I Ever. The actress, comedian, writer, and producer was responsible for casting Winston to play co-star in the new upcoming season.

Dhar Mann knew that Winston was the right actor for his series after the feedback received from the audience from his first video, which went viral and has accumulated over 11 million views. The kid has shot more than six episodes in less than a month – there is definitely no slowing down for Winston Vengapally!

One of the most crucial turning points in Winston’s new journey stems from when famous casting directors Sally Stiner and Barbie Block got Winston closer than ever to his big break last year. He was one of the last in a long string of actors who were considered for a role in the Netflix movie Home Team. This process entailed six to seven meetings that proved Winston’s talent and highlighted how the entertainment industry, in the end, is very much about talent as well as looks and physicality. Is someone the right fit to play someone else’s parent or sibling? This entire experience has helped Winston to tackle every audition and meeting with an open mind and from the point of view of being the best actor, he could be. In the end, many factors that are out of an actor’s control play a part in the decision-making process.

This brings up another topic which Winston’s rising star gives voice to: children of color have fewer opportunities in the entertainment industry, but that doesn’t stop this child actor from being constantly invited into the room, proving to directors and casting directors that diversity in casting isn’t about optics, it’s about discovering talent that would otherwise be overlooked. Putting himself in the spotlight repeatedly proves that Winston not only has conviction but also has the chops, training, and mentorship to back it up.

StarCentral Kids sat down with Winston to ask some questions about his rising star status and what he hopes for the future and here’s what went down:

Winston, you’re on a roll at the moment; well done! Many people in the industry are talking about how well your career is going. What is your favorite part about acting?

I really like playing different characters and expressing different feelings. Each new part I get to play is different, and I like to think about what my character is going through. I also get to meet a ton of amazing people who are creative and inspire me so much to keep working on my craft. I work with so many talented people, and that’s really cool. It’s weird that so many people see what I do on screen.

You’ve worked with and met so many industry experts. What have they taught you?

Everyone I’ve met has been super nice to me. From casting directors to producers to fellow actors, they all offer something I can learn from. The casting directors and film directors are mentors to me because they show me how everything works, making it easier for me to act and not worry about anything else. They encourage me, so I know I’m doing good and should just do what my instincts tell me. Sometimes it’s scary because I work with a lot of people who are considered famous and respected by everyone in Hollywood.

Do you ever get intimidated when you meet powerful people in the industry?

At first, I did. Like, I know someone is special and important. But my mentors taught me just to be myself, and if I get nervous, it’s okay because being myself is the most important thing everyone wants from me. Even the important people tell me to be me, making me more comfortable with being creative.

How has your life been after moving to Los Angeles? Is it hard to balance your career and school?

It’s busy, I think! I am usually doing homework on set these days, so I am used to it now. I guess it’s good that I have school work because it’s something to do while I wait on set. I also love to shoot around the hoops, so I do that when I am free on the weekends.

You’ve worked with your sister Sitara before. Is that fun to do?

It is fun because we’re really close. We can play games and stuff on the set. We’re different actors, but we tell each other we did a good job when the day is over. Sometimes I don’t feel like telling her that, but my mom makes me, hah!

That’s too funny! Sitara, while we have you, would you say that you and your brother have different acting styles?

Sitara: We both have fun, and it makes me happy he’s doing a good job. We both do a lot of work, and I am proud of my brother because he’s really focused even when I think he’s weird.

Last question. Winston, what is your biggest future dream here in Hollywood?

I want to do more movies. I just love being on the set and playing different characters. I love cool stories a lot, and it seems like doing movies, you’d get to be in the best stories. And I’d like to be in stories that people think are really important. Also, I am not sure if I mentioned this, but one of my favourite things to work on is learning how to do an Indian accent. I don’t have an accent naturally, but I work on learning to speak in an Indian accent because it’s fun. I try to come up with new jokes and practice with my friends and family; they get a kick out of it. It would be so cool to be on a show where I get to showcase that.

The Wiggles Make History With First Ever Rolling Stone AU/NZ Cover

Credits: The Wiggles, photographed on May 27, 2022, at Hot Potato Studios by Giulia Giannini McGauran. Creative: Katie Taylor. Stylist: Jana Bartolo. Hair and Makeup: Lei Tai. Production: Long Story Short. Photography assistant: Izaac Margin. Styling assistant: Kirsten Humphreys.

Rolling Stone AU/NZ publisher The Brag Media has recently announced that multi-award-winning band The Wiggles will grace its September issue cover, cementing the group’s first time to be anointed by Rolling Stone. Yellow Wiggle, Tsehay Hawkins, also becomes the youngest person to appear on the local cover of the iconic pop culture masthead.

The Wiggles granted Rolling Stone AU/NZ unprecedented access to their recent Australian arena tour — a double headliner with the new and original lineup — and to their Hot Potato Studios in Sydney, as they worked on new music and rehearsed a brand new TV show.

The Wiggles as you’ve never seen them before, the cover story is a colourful take on a record-breaking two years. It began with a mashup of “Fruit Salad” and Tame Impala’s “Elephant” (that later topped triple j’s Hottest 100), followed by the addition of Hawkins as the group’s first woman of colour, and a spectacular sold-out tour with all original members.

Rolling Stone AU/NZ print editor, Jake Challenor, said: “Just like Rolling Stone, The Wiggles have stood the test of time. Here is a band that, for three decades, has entertained and inspired future generations,” he said. “The last two years have been some of their best in history. The Wiggles are more relevant than ever, which is exactly why pop culture icons like Lil Nas X and The Kid Laroi are embracing them. Without a doubt, 2022 is officially the Year of The Wiggles.”

The September-November edition — which includes a Wiggles-themed adult colouring book — hits newsstands in Australia and New Zealand on Monday, September 5, 2022. Also appearing in the next issue are interviews with musicians Ben Lee, Eddie Benjamin and Teeks, plus Twitch streamer Whippy, and features on the climate crisis, niche influencers and much more.

Last year Rolling Stone Australia expanded its brand with the inaugural Sailor Jerry Rolling Stone Australia Awards, now in its second year, and, according to Roy Morgan data on the national magazine market, Rolling Stone Australia reached 191,000 readers in the six months to December 31 2021, ahead of staple Australian mastheads Golf Digest, Family Circle and Who. This year The Brag Media also announced the inaugural Rolling Stone New Zealand Awards.

About The Brag Media:

The Brag Media’s mission is to be the most ubiquitous presence in Australian culture; with its people, its artists and its brands. The Brag Media represents some of the most iconic titles in the world including Rolling Stone, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard,, Tone Deaf, The Industry Observer, don’t bore us, Enthusiast Gaming, Life Without Andy, HypeBeast and more.

The Brag Media’s publishing business reaches over 30% of the Australian population each month, while its events business produces the Rolling Stone Awards and offers commercial partners end-to-end event ideation, production and marketing. The Brag Media has also expanded into talent management, audio and podcasting, and in 2021 launched a creative and agency services division.

This article was sourced from a media release sent by Medianet.

Meet The Global Phenomenon Behind The Latest Issue Of StarCentral Kids: The Talented Vlad & Niki

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“Vlad & Niki” is the global preschool phenomenon and the number 1 boys channel on YouTube, starring the imaginative personalities and antics of brothers Vlad and Niki, who are showcased in non-stop fun and crazy adventures. Since launching on YouTube in 2018, “Vlad & Niki” has attracted more than 266+ million subscribers worldwide, 83+ million subscribers to their English Channel, and 154+ billion views while averaging five billion monthly views on 21 channels and translated into 18 languages. Their mobile apps have surpassed more than 100,000,000 downloads. Each episode is produced with a creative mix of live-action, animation, and music to create comedic videos for the preschool demographic. “Vlad & Niki” is the property of Content Media Group FZC, LLC, headed by co-founders Sergey and Victoria Vashketov, the parents of global superstar kidfluencers Vlad and Niki.

“Vlad & Niki” continues to be well received by critics as well as the public as the dynamic duo captured three more prestigious awards, including being named ‘Best Web Series for Kids’ by the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA); winning the Shorty Awards honor for “Best Influencers & Celebrity YouTube Campaign;” 43rd Annual Telly Awards’ “Silver Winner in Children’s Video;” 26th Annual Webby Awards “Honoree in the 2022 Social Category;” 42nd Annual Telly Awards’ “Bronze Winner in the General Children’s Online;” International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences’ 10th Annual Lovie Awards “Outstanding Work Shortlist” category. Their Zuru Toy’ Surprise Egg” won the silver prize in Toy Shop’s UK’s 2021 Independent Toy Awards Silver Prize in ‘License of the Year’ category.

In April 2022, Vlad & Niki began streaming on HBO Max, and they are expanding their family with a new baby this Fall.

StarCentral Kids recently caught up with Vlad and Niki’s mother, and co-star Victoria Vashketova to discuss their journey in the social media world, and here’s what went down:

Could you please tell our readers a brief background about yourselves and how you started?

‘Vlad & Niki’ started as a family hobby. Vlad saw other boys making videos and asked us if we could make our own. Our dad started shooting fun videos on the weekends when he wasn’t working. He would edit them in his spare time and then post them.

What are you both currently doing to maintain/grow your profile?

YouTube is our focus. We continue to create content kids love watching, and their parents approve. Each episode we produced is filled with an innovative mix of live-action, animation, and music.

We began in 2018 and now have 21 channels, translated into 18 languages. It is incredible; we have 266+ million subscribers worldwide (83+ million on our English channel). We published more than 300 videos and have a staggering 154+ billion views.

It’s important that we maintain an authentic voice of our personalities. We hope we are inspiring other families to play together on their own adventures.

What social media platforms do you usually use to increase your brand’s awareness?

Due to Vlad’s and Niki’s young age, we have to manage their social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. They help us select photos and sayings, so we stay true to them. My husband Sergey and I each have our own Instagram profiles.

You can find us via our Instagram accounts:

Vlad @vlad.super.vlad

Niki @nikitoys_official

Victoria (me) @vsv_viki

Sergey @vashketov

Facebook @Vlad.and.Niki.

What is the toughest decision you had to make in the last few months?

Learning to say no and how to balance the kids and our time. We have had to decline some fabulous invitations and opportunities so that we do not burn the kids – or us.

What new project would you guys love to start?

We partnered with Zuru Toys and Playmates Toys, and it has been a long road to get them developed and finally in the stores and sold online – the toys are currently doing very well.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Believe that anything is possible and figure out how to accomplish it.

What advice would you give someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Make sure the content you are creating is authentic. The audience/fans know when you aren’t being real.

Teen Star Krystal Brimner Makes A Statement In Her Sophomore Single “Young”

Former child star and now a teen performer Krystal Brimner makes a statement for her fellow youth who are still figuring out who they are in her sophomore single “Young.”

The feel-good dance pop song, composed by fellow Kapamilya talent SAB and produced by Star Pop label head Rox Santos, encapsulates the highs and lows of being young especially in the age of social media, where many aspire to portray a perfect life and live up to society’s standards without much room for mistakes.

“It reminds us of the beauty of one’s youth, the discovery and learning from our experiences, and most of all the joy in figuring out who we are or what we want to be,” Krystal said.

She debuted the song live on PIE Channel last Wednesday (June 22), where she flaunted her laudable talent in singing and dancing and proved just how much she has grown as an ace performer.

This growth, however, is not so surprising for those who have followed Krystal in her career so far, as she has always exhibited her many talents through her projects since entering showbiz when she was only 4 years old.

At 9 years old, Krystal won the Best Child Performer award at the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival for starring in the critically acclaimed film “Honor Thy Father,” where she even went viral for shaving her head as part of her role. Not long after, she landed the titular character in the Resorts World Manila production of the beloved musical “Annie.”

For a time, the budding singer-actress was also a part of a trio with AC Bonifacio and Sheena Belarmino called A.S.K. who regularly performed on “ASAP” and other Kapamilya shows. Now a blooming 15-year-old artist, Krystal has recently ventured into recording via her debut single “Let Me Be Me.”