Based in Sydney, Australia, the concept for StarCentral Kids was derived from the need to establish a publication that informs and promotes local artists, models, actors, and creatives from all over the world. Our aim is to make the world aware that there are so many hidden talents out there that remains overlooked, untapped and undervalued.

StarCentral Magazine is widely recognized as one of the leading entertainment sources all over the world that provides up and coming talents with an authentic platform. Since our debut back in 2005, we have not only thrived but also managed to make a powerful presence online. With a strong relation to the entertainment industry – we have gone 10 years down the road and also branched out to events, photography, video, graphics as well as web design throughout the years.

The StarCentral brand is currently associated with a number of high-profile organizations such as the Royalle Modelling Agency, Miss Earth Australia, the Australian Model Conference, MS Entertainment Network, the Australasia Official group, TV1 News, TV1 Australia, Millionaires Alliance, The Australian Millionaires Business Network and the Pacific International Runway group. Several publications such as InLife Magazine, MS Entertainment magazine, Mrs. Universe magazine, Sassy & Co magazine, The Global Millionaire magazine, Golden Sash magazine, GEQ magazine, Global Elite Entrepreneur magazine, Global Elite Kids magazine, The Australian Millionaire magazine, FilmCentral magazine, MoneyCentral magazine, Model & Mode magazine, and Pacific International Runway magazine, and many others are also being managed by the StarCentral team, making us an influential figure in the entertainment industry down under.

Most magazines publish news and information and are separated from their audience. StarCentral Magazine is you, him, her, and me; we are the audience. We are out there participating with our readers and upcoming talents, taking their pictures, and making them a part of our magazine. Spend time with us and watch us grow!