Celebrating Success: StarCentral Kids’ Year-End Gala Promises an Evening of Elegance and Entertainment!

StarCentral Kids part of the StarCentral Media Group, is preparing for a spectacular year-end celebration at the prestigious Sir Stamford Circular Quay on December 17th, starting at 11 am. This event will joyfully conclude a vibrant year, commemorating the Christmas spirit and a year of accomplishments, uniting sponsors, collaborators, friends, and industry partners for a grand celebration.

In collaboration with MS Entertainment Network, Flagcom, and APCO, this highly anticipated event promises an evening filled with elegance and splendor. It will feature special events, including the much-awaited StarCentral Magazine’s People of the Year Awards and the captivating Kings and Queens fashion exhibition.

The opulent affair will unfold at the esteemed Sir Stamford Circular Quay, located at 3 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000, providing a luxurious backdrop for this glamorous occasion.

Esteemed sponsors supporting the event include Cubecorp, PW Mortgage Partners, and Parramatta Community College. Their invaluable contributions have played a significant role in making this event a reality.

To enhance the event’s allure, GEM Models and TV6 Network will make a special appearance, promising an evening brimming with talent and excitement.

This event serves as the perfect occasion for networking, merriment, and a celebration of the achievements and collaborations of the past year. StarCentral Media Group warmly invites everyone to join in this prestigious gathering, set to be a truly memorable and grand finale to an eventful year.

For more information or to participate in the Kings and Queens fashion exhibition, kindly get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

Let’s celebrate the end of this fantastic year with an evening of opulence and joy at the Sir Stamford Circular Quay.

For further inquiries, please contact Krissy at krissy@starcentralmag.com.

Unveiling the World of Child Modeling: Insights and Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Child modeling is a fascinating industry that showcases young individuals’ beauty, talent, and charm. While it can be an exciting and rewarding experience, it is crucial to understand the intricacies and considerations involved in this specialized field. In this article, we explore the world of child modeling, shedding light on its unique dynamics, the role of parents, and the precautions taken to ensure a positive and nurturing environment for young talents.

Age and Eligibility

Child modeling typically includes infants, toddlers, and children up to the age of 12. Young children possess a natural innocence and spontaneity that can be captivating on camera. Modeling agencies and clients often have specific age ranges and criteria for the types of projects they seek, including print advertisements, commercials, catalog work, and more. Parents need to research and connect with reputable agencies that prioritize the safety and well-being of their child models.

Parental Involvement and Support

In the world of child modeling, parental involvement plays a crucial role. Parents act as guardians, advocates, and support systems for their young models. They navigate contracts, negotiate fees, and ensure their child’s safety and emotional well-being throughout the process. Parents must find a balance between encouraging their children’s dreams and their own and ensuring they have a healthy and balanced childhood outside of modeling.

Casting Calls and Auditions

Casting calls and auditions are an integral part of the child modeling industry. Agencies and clients often hold these events to discover fresh talent and assess suitability for specific projects. Parents need to accompany their children to these auditions, providing guidance and reassurance while helping them showcase their personality and potential. Encouraging children to be themselves and embrace their uniqueness can significantly impact their success.

Balancing Education and Commitments

Child models are responsible for balancing their modeling commitments with their education. Maintaining academic progress is crucial, and parents must ensure that their child’s schooling remains a priority. This may involve coordinating schedules, communicating with teachers, and providing a stable learning environment. A strong educational foundation ensures that child models have a well-rounded future, regardless of their success in the modeling industry.

Safety and Child Protection

The safety and well-being of child models are of paramount importance. Reputable modeling agencies prioritize child protection measures, including stringent background checks for clients and adherence to child labor laws and industry regulations. Parents should research and select agencies with a strong reputation for child safety and ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place during photoshoots and events.

Building Confidence and Resilience

Child modeling can help children develop valuable life skills, including confidence, resilience, and teamwork. The experience of working in a professional environment, taking direction from photographers, and interacting with fellow models can nurture their self-esteem and interpersonal abilities. However, parents must create a supportive environment that encourages open communication, self-expression, and the child’s autonomy.

Longevity and Transitioning

Child modeling careers are often relatively short-lived due to children’s natural growth and development. As children reach adolescence, their physical appearance may change, and their interests and aspirations may evolve. It is important for parents to guide their children through this transition and help them explore other potential avenues of interest, ensuring a smooth transition to other creative or academic pursuits.

Child modeling offers young individuals a platform to showcase their talent, charisma, and potential. With the support and guidance of parents, children can experience a positive and enriching journey in the industry. While child modeling can be exciting, it is crucial to prioritize safety, education, and emotional well-being. By fostering confidence, resilience, and a healthy balance between modeling and other aspects of childhood, child models can develop skills and memories that will positively impact their lives long after their modeling careers have ended.

Captivating Moments: Miss Junior Earth Australia 2023 Finalists Shine in Stunning Long Gowns!

The Miss Little, Junior, and Teen Earth Australia 2023 pageant dazzled audiences with its showcase of beauty and talent from young girls nationwide. Among the unforgettable highlights was the mesmerizing stage appearance of the Miss Junior Earth Australia 2023 candidates, adorned in enchanting long gowns.

Each candidate brought her unique vision to life, donning vibrant and striking colors or opting for a more delicate and subtle approach. Yet, what united them all was the remarkable grace and poise they exuded on stage.

However, this pageant goes far beyond mere visual allure. It embodies a profound purpose—empowering young girls as community leaders and catalysts for positive global change. The candidates showcased their commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability throughout the event.

The Miss Little, Junior, and Teen Earth Australia 2023 pageant stand as a testament to the transformative power of young women. It provides a platform for them to showcase their talents, share their ideas, and become true ambassadors for a brighter future. Their journey inspires others to join the cause and make a meaningful impact alongside them.

Scroll down to feast your eyes on some captivating photos from the event, courtesy of Bob Reyes. Prepare to be enchanted!

How to Get Your Child Into Modelling: Top 5 Tips for Beginners

Child modelling can be a fun and exciting opportunity for children who enjoy being in front of the camera and love dressing up in cute outfits. However, you must be aware that the modelling industry can be competitive, so parents must be careful when choosing the right path for their children. Here are five tips on child modelling to help you get started:

Do Your Research  

It’s crucial to do your research and learn about the industry. Look for reputable modelling agencies specializing in child modelling and have a good reputation in the industry. Read reviews, ask for recommendations, and talk to other parents who have experience with child modelling. It’s essential to ensure that your chosen agency has a child-friendly environment and a good track record of working with kids.

Get Professional Photos

A child’s modelling portfolio should include professional photos that showcase their unique features and personality. Look for a professional photographer who has experience in child modelling and can capture your child’s natural beauty. Avoid overly posed or edited photos; opt for natural shots that show your child’s personality and character.

Be Prepared for Auditions

Auditions are essential to child modelling, and parents need to be prepared for them. Ensure your child is well-rested, fed, and hydrated before the audition. Dress them in simple, age-appropriate clothing that shows off their natural beauty. Teach them how to introduce themselves and answer basic questions about their interests and hobbies.

Prioritize Your Child’s Safety and Well-being

Child safety should always come first in child modelling. Ensure that the modelling agency you choose has adequate safety measures in place to protect your child from potential harm. Never leave your child alone with strangers or in unfamiliar places; always accompany them to photoshoots or events. Ensure your child’s education and well-being are not affected by their modelling career.

Have Realistic Expectations

Child modelling can be an incredible experience, but it’s essential to have realistic expectations. Not every child will become a supermodel, and it’s vital to remember that the industry can be unpredictable. Don’t put too much pressure on your child; allow them to enjoy the experience without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Remember that the most important thing is for your child to have fun and be happy.

In conclusion, child modelling can be an excellent opportunity for children who love fashion and enjoy being in front of the camera. By following these tips, parents can help their children have a safe and enjoyable modelling experience while achieving their goals.

Posing Tips For How to Look Your Best In Photographs

Posing can be a struggle both for the model and the photographer. This is because some of the less-experienced models tend to wait for the direction of the photographer before striking a pose. They normally freeze in front of the camera and are mostly clueless about what to do. This situation makes it difficult and troublesome for the photographer to produce good photos.

The preparation for any photoshoot starts even before the photoshoot. You need to be aware of what kind of shoot it is. You can start looking at the related f magazines on the type of pose that they are doing. Not all of the tips here will work for everyone since the right kind of pose will vary in every genre.

1. Your Mirror is Your Friend

Stand in front of your mirror, take a pose and see how you highlight the shape of your body. The mirror is an ideal tool to show you the thing that the camera can produce. Consider the features and things that can be seen depending on the angle. For instance, in case you put your feet closer to the lens, then there is a possibility that your feet will look larger in the photo.

2. Create a Space on Your Limbs and Body

Squashing your limbs closer to your body will make you appear to look fat. Separating your limbs from your body will also create a slimmer appearance. This is a tiny cheat in the modeling world that can make a huge difference.

3. Understand the Light

For instance, in case you raise your arm on the light, it will basically look brighter compared to your face. There is also a possibility that it will cast a shadow on your face and body. A simple way to counteract this is by using your other arm. You may also adjust your arm backward to avoid the casting of the shadow. Having an understanding of how the lighting falls is a basic necessity in modeling. Ask the photographer about the key light and think about how you can work with it.

4. Elongate the Neck

In order to show class, poise, and height, elongating your neck would be a great solution. It is also one of the most difficult things to remember when modeling since this action feels a bit unnatural. Look in front of the mirror and stand in a normal position. Let your face come forward by rolling your shoulder backward. By now you have seen the huge difference in the neck’s width. You may even advance your pose by popping the jaw in front of the camera to create a shadow that will highlight your jawline.

Hopefully, the modeling tips that we provided above can provide some help for our aspiring models. These are just some of the tricks that most professional models wish they knew when they were just starting out.

LEGOLAND® California Resort And Ferrari Announce World Premiere Of New Interactive Attraction Built On Kids’ Creativity!

The world’s first LEGO® Ferrari “Build and Race” interactive attraction is coming to LEGOLAND® California Resort in spring of 2022.

LEGOLAND® Parks, a global leader in family entertainment, and Ferrari, the world’s most recognizable luxury sports cars brand, announced the world’s first LEGO® Ferrari “Build and Race” interactive attraction is coming to LEGOLAND® California Resort in spring of 2022. Featuring a life-size Ferrari F40 model developed by the LEGO® Group, Build and Race puts guests in the driver’s seat as they make their way through the “garage” to the “racetrack” using their creativity and imagination to build, test, and race their own LEGO Ferrari.

“Ferrari is renowned for manufacturing cars unique in terms of performance, innovation and design, setting the standard for luxury and excellence within the automotive world. We have millions of young guests who can be inspired from this to create their own unique cars in this one-of-a-kind testing and racing facility,” said LEGOLAND California Resort President Kurt Stocks.

“We are excited to build upon our existing relationship with the LEGO Group by combining our leading brands within this transformative entertainment attraction. The Build and Race experience has been designed to engage with both Ferrari and LEGO lovers of all ages, aligning with Ferrari’s strategy to reach out to its younger fans,” said the Director of Location Based Entertainment & Esports for Ferrari Annabel Rochfort.

Build and Race features three zones designed to be interactive and inspiring.  A LEGO pit crewmember will greet guests as they enter the attraction, sharing Ferrari fun facts, race history, and showcasing themed LEGO race gear and awards. Once inside the garage, guests have the opportunity to sit in a life-size Ferrari F40 model developed by the LEGO Group and have their photos taken. The journey continues as guests get to tap into their creativity and build their own LEGO Ferrari car to race at one of three racetracks which include the test zone, steering test track, and speed test track. Each track offers guests different obstacles, challenges, and a chance to clock in the fastest time. A DUPLO® build zone offers younger guests the chance to drive their imagination and design their own creation out of bigger bricks as well! LEGO Minifigure mechanics and crew members will prompt build inspirations throughout the entire experience.

Finally, once guests have customized their vehicles, raced them through the obstacles, and heard the engines roar, they will be able to create a custom digital Ferrari race car. Guests can digitally scan their vehicle and further customize their Ferrari along with their Minifigure racing driver. Once complete, the cars are digitally projected on a LEGO racetrack based on Pista di Fiorano (a private racetrack owned by Ferrari mainly for development and testing purposes) and guests can compete with other cars digitally for the fastest race lap!

Build and Race will be included in the price of admission to LEGOLAND California Resort. For more information, visit www.LEGOLAND.com/California.

This article was sourced from a media release sent by PR Newswire

The Big Reason You Should Think Twice Before Posting Photos On Social Media

Are you oversharing? The pictures you post online reveal more than you might expect.

As some COVID-19 restrictions get lifted, people are spending more time in social places and are very eager to showcase their life outside home online. Visited your favorite restaurant for the first time after lockdown? Better post a picture of the memorable event! At least, that’s what the majority do.

However, not many think of the dangerous outcomes of posting on social media. According to BrandWatch, 3.2 billion images and 720,000 hours of video footage are shared daily, making those people perfect targets for thieves and cybercriminals.

“People share information about themselves in exchange for positive reactions or when they need to vent. However, every picture we post may set off an incident of cybercrime,” says Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN.

While most social media users know they shouldn’t reveal their home address, current location, or phone number on Facebook, many still share entertaining photos or social plans. Such information might seem innocent to share, and potential threats tend to be overlooked.

Are you oversharing?

Since vacation season is upon us and everybody hopes for less strict COVID-19 rules, the expert has made a list of the most common mistakes. If you make at least one of them, have no doubt that you can become a target for hackers frequenting the dark web.

You share your location. You post pictures with location tags of your whereabouts, letting everyone on the internet know where you are and where you live. If you’re on a trip, and the only one guarding your property is your neighbor’s cat, rest assured that criminals will consider breaking in.

You share your address. You take pictures of your house, allowing others to figure out where exactly you live and what items you own. Sharing where you live can do more harm than you think. A Japanese pop star posted a selfie with a reflection of a train station on her eyeball. This minor detail helped a stalker trace her location and sexually assault her.

You vent or rant on social media. Pressure at work, family duties, and social tensions might result in a burning need to vent. Never do that online: what gets on the internet stays there forever. Personal feelings should be shared with close circles rather than publicly.

You post images that contain minors. Even high-profile parents like Pink and Gwyneth Patrow have given up posting pictures of their children. This is not only because of the hateful comments they receive, but also because kids are often mocked at school for being featured in their parents’ snaps.

You share your intimate pictures. This is a classic —  engaging in sexting and sharing nudes. The number of image-related crimes grew by a triple-digit during the pandemic, as people engaged in intimate conversations more than usual. As a result, NordVPN’s recent survey revealed that as many as 36% of Brits are highly worried about their stored personal pictures being made public.

You have all the trending social media apps on your device. Choose a few. Do you really need Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and all the other social media apps? These applications have access to your gallery, location, and contacts, meaning they collect and store your data, which might not always be that innocent.

You never turn off Wi-Fi on your mobile device. Your phone is continuously scanning for trusted Wi-Fi networks. Once you get close to your home or work, your device automatically connects to the network it finds. This is convenient, but, along with these constant joining requests, your phone gives out a lot of valuable information about you. There are tools that collect the names of all nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, including your home network. This data is then sent to public websites like Wigle.net, which create heatmaps of Wi-Fi hotspots. Anyone can find your home address — even a non-techie stalker from your college or office.

You use your work device for personal needs. Are you guilty of browsing X-rated content, looking for a new job, or shopping online on your work computer? It is very likely that your boss or the tech guy will know about it. Your internet service provider keeps logs of where you go and what pages you visit. Keep your personal matters on your personal devices. And use a VPN to keep your private affairs really private.

You use the same password or its variations for multiple accounts. If you use the same password on multiple platforms, you are making it easier for hackers to get to your private accounts. Additionally, don’t risk it by using the most popular passwords of 2020, as identified by NordPass’s research. For example, ‘123456’ has been breached more than 23 million times and takes a second to crack. Among others are ‘picture1′, ‘password’, ‘senha’, ‘qwerty’, ‘abc123′, ‘Million2′, ‘iloveyou’, ‘password1′, and others.

You never check the background of the picture you are about to post. The last piece of advice is to simply follow common sense. Surely,  anyone can make a mistake, just like Lisa Kudrow, who accidentally posted a picture containing a post-it note with her passwords. Consider the internet a public space — everyone can see you both from the good angles and the bad.

“Besides cyber threats, it’s fun to post photos and let everyone know you’re having a cocktail at a nearby bar, but that sends a clear signal to burglars that your home is empty,” Daniel Markuson adds. “Even the people who feel sufficiently educated about online privacy still reveal their personal details online. Millennials especially tend to post their social activities online.”


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