Spotlight: Introducing The Adorable Savana Archer

Savana Archer has been competing in glitz pageants for a year and in that time she has won 2 international titles: Tiny Miss Australia Regency International 2019 and her current title – Petite Miss Australia Regency International 2020. She’s extremely honoured to have been chosen to represent Australia for a second time when she was crowned at the National Australia miss program in 2019 as Petite Miss Australia. It was a very special day for her not only for herself but because she also got to experience this journey with her beautiful friend Lili Hopkins who won her first International title as Tiny Miss Australia.

In her spare time, Savana enjoys singing, dancing, spending time with her family, and she also loves modeling and runway. She has a deep passion for animals and she would like to be a veterinarian when she is older. She currently supports the Australian koala foundation because koalas are her most favourite animals. We recently caught up with Savana to discuss her journey in the pageant industry and here’s what went down:

Tell us your full name and something about yourself.

My name is Savana Rose Archer, I’m 5 years old, I’m the youngest of 7 siblings, I have 5 older brothers and 1 big sister. I’m obsessed with L.O.L dolls – in fact, I have over 300 of them! I enjoy running and being outdoors and just having fun with my family.

How did you get into the pageant industry? How were you actually ‘discovered’?

I competed in my first pageant when I was 3 years old, then over a year later in 2019 when I was 4 I tried another pageant and I won a supreme title, from that I was offered to compete internationally, I became Tiny Miss Australia Regency International 2019

2. What do you like most about being a beauty queen?

I love making a positive difference in the world and supporting charities and also raising money for them.

3. The downside to being a beauty queen?

I’m only 5 so there’s no downside to being a beauty queen, although I really don’t like all the practice.

4. What has been the most memorable experience of being in the pageant industry so far?

My most memorable experience so far was competing at NAMP and being crowned with my second international title which I currently hold as Petite Miss Australia Regency International 2020

5. Who have been the most interesting people you’ve met so far?

I’ve met some very interesting people, some I’ve become close to such as Kim Cancellier, Katherine Musgrave, Ava Da Silva, Amy Louise, Madelyn Franz, Kirsty Koopmans, Taylor Koopmans, Linda Edwards, and Lili Hopkins.

6. What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while in the pageant industry. This can be about the industry or about yourself.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned about myself is that even when I’m nervous, I can still conquer my fear of being on stage and I still go out there and have fun.

7. Working in an industry whose only emphasis is on the outside characteristics of a person, how have you stayed grounded?

I have a big heart. When someone is sad I like to help cheer them up, remembering that beauty is also on the inside, and being a good friend is important.

8. Is your family supportive of you being in the pageant industry?

At first, it was just my mum that supported me. But as time went by and my family saw how much I enjoy being apart of the pageant community, I now have their full support.

9. What are your future plans? Inside pageantry or out of it.

Going to New York Fashion Week.


1. Last good movie I’ve seen: Aladdin

2. What do you consider beautiful and why? Puppies because they’re cute and adorable.

3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? Go to New York.

4. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d…” Go on a roller coaster.

5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? Being talkative.