StarCentral Kids’ Spectacular End-of-Year Extravaganza at Sir Stamford Hotel

StarCentral Kids, the epitome of youthful talent and style, brought the curtain down on 2023 with a dazzling end-of-year celebration held on December 17. The prestigious event unfolded at the opulent Sir Stamford Hotel in Circular Quay, setting the stage for a night filled with glitz, glamour, and youthful exuberance.

Guests were treated to a culinary delight with an array of delectable pies, refreshing drinks, and sweet bread, setting the perfect festive atmosphere for the joyous occasion.

The highlight of the evening was a soulful and enchanting performance by Janie Kogan, who serenaded the audience with the timeless holiday classic, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” The talented young performer added a touch of magic to the celebration, capturing hearts with her beautiful rendition.

Guiding the audience through the festivities was the charismatic master of ceremonies, Jojo Almazora Sebastian. His vibrant energy and engaging presence ensured that the celebration remained spirited and memorable throughout the night.

The runway came alive with the youthful charm of kid and teen models who graced the stage with poise and confidence. Among them were the talented Serena Peralta, Eisha Hobson, Lola Swadling, Syafira Hughes, and Candice Tarrant. These young models showcased not only their runway prowess but also their unique personalities, captivating the audience with each stride.

Eisha Hobson and Candice Tarrant, in particular, took center stage as cover models for StarCentral Kids, embodying the essence of style and grace. Their presence on the runway reflected the magazine’s commitment to highlighting emerging talents within the younger generation.

The glamour extended beyond StarCentral Kids, as Serena Peralta, Eisha Hobson, and Syafira Hughes took the spotlight as cover models for SBD Magazine. Each of these young models brought their individual flair, contributing to the magazine’s celebration of youthful creativity and fashion.

Lola Swadling added her own touch of elegance to the event, walking as a cover model for Model & Mode. Her confident strides and poise underscored the magazine’s dedication to featuring the next generation of fashion influencers.

StarCentral Kids’ end-of-year celebration was not just a glamorous affair but a testament to the talent, charisma, and style that define the young stars of today. As the year came to a close, these budding models left an indelible mark on the runway, promising a vibrant and exciting future for the world of fashion and entertainment.