Production Begins for ‘The Sloth Lane’: A Heartwarming Addition to the Beloved Tales From Sanctuary City Franchise

Like A Photon Creative, an Australian and female-owned production company, has announced the initiation of production for ‘The Sloth Lane.’ Partnering with Sola Media, they are set to bring another heartwarming installment to the adored Tales From Sanctuary City series, presenting a story of self-discovery, family, and friendship.

Following the successful acquisition of international distribution rights for the next three animated feature films in the Sanctuary City franchise, Sola Media will be handling distribution while Like a Photon Creative takes charge of production.

An exceptional cast of actors is geared to breathe life into this latest Sanctuary City addition, boasting a mix of Australian and international talent. Leslie Jones, the famed stand-up comedian recognized for her roles in ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2,’ will voice the smart and ambitious cheetah, Dotti Pace. Teo Vergara and Olivia Vásquez are set to voice Laura, the lively sloth, and her mother Gabby, respectively, alongside an ensemble of talented voices contributing to the diverse characters within the storyline.

During the American Film Market (AFM), Sola Media plans to unveil preliminary materials to global buyers. Solveig Langeland, the Managing Director, expresses anticipation for international interest: “We look forward to introducing the endearing family of sloths. Their tale of adaptation to Sanctuary City’s fast-paced world with a slow food truck brings humor, emotions, and timely messages, prompting rapid interest from international buyers.”

Synopsis of ‘The Sloth Lane’:

This narrative follows the journey of Laura, a quick and spirited 12-year-old sloth, and her peculiar and wonderful sloth family. A storm devastates their family restaurant and home, compelling them to embark on an adventure to Sanctuary City in their worn-out food truck. With time-tested family recipes, their food truck gains immense success, drawing the attention of Dotti Pace, an entrepreneur with an eye for business.

However, when their prized recipe book is swindled, this unconventional sloth family is challenged to reclaim their cherished recipes. As their story unfolds, ‘The Sloth Lane’ serves as a heartwarming coming-of-age tale, blending emotions and action to emphasize the significance of savoring life’s delightful, humorous, and unforgettable moments.

The film will utilize detailed, handcrafted 3D art, ensuring a captivating portrayal of Laura and her family’s journey, intended to captivate global audiences.

Produced by Kristen Souvlis, Nadine Bates, and Ryan Greaves, the movie is directed by Tania Vincent and Ricard Cussó, with support from Screen Queensland’s PDV funding and financier Alceon Entertainment.

Media Release sent by Lily Maxwell of Feature Communications