Introducing Candice Tarrant & Eisha Hobson: Meet The Emerging Models Behind The Latest Issue Of StarCentral Kids

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Cover Photography by: Jay B. Gaerlan Photography

At just 11 years old, Eisha Joy Hobson has made an indelible mark on the modeling scene. Born on February 4th, 2012, in the Philippines, Eisha embodies a beautiful blend of Australian and Pinay roots, her unique cultural heritage contributing to her vibrant and diverse outlook on life. Presently enrolled at Oakville Public School in NSW, Eisha’s world is one adorned with an artistic palette, a musical touch, and an insatiable spirit for family adventures.

Candice Tyra Geonzon Tarrant, a 14-year-old Filipino Australian, is making waves in the world of beauty pageantry. Inspired by her mother’s remarkable journey as the former Mrs. Universe Central Asia 2022 and Woman of the Universe Australia 2021, Candice has established her own impressive accomplishments.

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Photo Credit: Jay B. Gaerlan Photography

Eisha Joy Hobson

At a mere 11 years old, the remarkable journey of Eisha Joy Hobson has already captured the hearts and admiration of many. Born on February 4th, 2012, in the Philippines, Eisha’s heritage is a beautiful fusion of Australian and Pinay roots. Currently studying at Oakville Public School in NSW, her world is adorned with vibrant hues of artistry, song, and a profound love for family adventures.

Eisha’s connection with the natural world is undeniable. Her heart finds solace in the company of animals, the serenity of beaches, and the thrill of bushwalks. Embedded in her upbringing is a profound respect for tradition. Drawing from her Filipino heritage, she exemplifies the cherished gesture of “Mano po,” a mark of reverence for elders.

Eisha remarkably embarked on her modeling journey as early as 1 and a half years old, gracing the Philippine modeling scene and even making appearances on television dramas. She further continued her modeling journey at the tender age of 11, captivating local audiences through fashion shows and photoshoots. As she continued to gain experience, her passion for modeling increased, fueled by a desire to excel. Supported by her devoted family, Eisha harmoniously balances her emerging modeling career with her academic pursuits. A testament to her tenacity, she excels academically, demonstrating her prowess both in front of the camera and within the classroom.

In addition to her modeling endeavours, Eisha finds purpose in community engagement. Her involvement in charitable fashion events and fundraisers underscores her commitment to noble causes, employing her platform to effect positive change. Her future is radiant with promise. As a beacon of inspiration, she aspires to be a role model for aspiring young talents, demonstrating that with unwavering determination and diligent effort, the sky’s the limit.

Join us in following Eisha Joy Hobson’s rise, as she spreads her wings in the fashion world, casting a brilliant light as a budding luminary on the horizon.

Photo Credit: Jay B. Gaerlan Photography

Candice Tyra Geonzon Tarrant

Candice Tyra Geonzon Tarrant, a 14-year-old Filipino Australian, is the cherished daughter of Randy Tarrant and Cheryl Tarrant. Inspired by her mother’s successful beauty queen journey as the former Mrs. Universe Central Asia 2022 and Woman of the Universe Australia 2021, Candice has carved out her own path of achievements in the world of beauty pageantry.

Currently holding the esteemed title of Miss Australia Pre Teen 2023 Royal International Miss, Candice represented Australia in Orlando, Florida, where she secured the honorable position of 4th Runner Up International Role Model among 37 accomplished candidates. She has also triumphed as Miss Earth Junior Air Australia 2021 and Miss Junior Australasia 2021.

Dance is Candice’s expressive outlet, and she leverages her passion for dance to participate in various charitable events. Her talents extend further as a runway and print model, marking a significant milestone by gracing New York Fashion Week in September 2022 under the wing of Marc Defang, securing a presence on the iconic Times Square billboard in New York.

Beyond her achievements in the entertainment realm, Candice shines in sports as a notable netball player. Her team secured victory in the Grand Finals last year and secured the runner-up position this year.

Candice’s dedication to advocacy is noteworthy, particularly in the field of recycling. For over four years, she has collected empty bottles and cans, recycling them for financial support. The proceeds from these recycling efforts have been directed towards positive community initiatives. Candice’s donations include 10,000 pesos for Covid-19 assistance in Iloilo, Philippines, providing lunch for Aged Care workers, and hosting a High Tea for Aged Care residents.

Her upcoming project involves aiding underprivileged kids in the Philippines in November. She also displayed remarkable kindness by donating her long hair, reaching her thighs, to KIDS with Cancer Australia last year.

Her altruistic contributions have been widely recognised, earning her titles such as Social Change Maker 2023 by Wonder of Womanhood Awards, Beauty Queen of the Year 2023 at the Australian Golden Sash Awards, Junior Humanitarian of the Year 2022, and International Model of the Year 2022 by the Australian Golden Sash Awards. Candice was also acknowledged as the Rising Star of the Year by Global Elite Media Awards and Charity Queen of the Year 2021 by the Australian Golden Sash Awards.